What is Literati Public?

Literati includes a host of resources, such as educational conten for K-12 students and adults, informational videos and tutorials, and interactive discovery tools. Literati has been specifically customized for Virginia Libraries.

How to use Literati

Patrons can instantly access millions of articles for homework assignments or classroom use.  Every resource, from e-Books to Topic Pages, has its own unigue URL that can be easily shared.   Additionally, all of Litrati's quality images, videos, and tutorials can be used for academic purposes, such as presentations, lesson plans, and handouts.  Literati puts a library of resources at your fingertips.  Patrons can access Literati Public's authoritative content at any time from any computer connected to the Internet.


  • Over 3 million encyclopedia entries with citations
  • e-Books on every major subject
  • Over 240,000 audio clips, containing pronunciations, music, poetry, & more
  • Multimedia videos featuring everything from famous speeches to the human body
  • Thousands of high resolution images available for educational use
  • Tutorials and videos about research skills

Homework Help

This service is offered to all students in Virginia (Grades 3-13) needing help in Math, Reading and Writing.  Connect to a state-certified teacher through Literati Public.  The Online teacher will work through homework problems, step by sep, until the student is finished with their assignment.

The process is simple and no appointment is necessary:

  1. Look for the Homework Help tab (the the far right of the screen)
  2. Enter:
  • First name
  • Grade
  • Subject

After being connected with one of the expert teachers it's easy to work together on an assignment:

  • Upload a problem to the interactive white-board and solve it together
  • Share documents and plan or proofread your essays in real time
  • Use Literati Public to find authoritative homework help resources
  • Build your skills using the specialized videos and tutorials in Literati Public

The student and teacher will work in real time on an Online white-board, a place for student and teacher to figure out math problems, outline a paper, discuss reading passages, etc.  The interactive tools make it easy for the student and teacher to annotate documents and communcate about what is on the white-board.  They will also have the opportunity to communicate via chat for further clarification.

Homework Help Hours

Tutoring is offered Monday through Thursday from 3pm-9pm EST and Saturdays from 9am-3pm EST.