Southwest Virginia Heritage Library

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Southwest Virginia Heritage Library


The Southwest Virginia Heritage Library, a memorial to Frederick and Eve Phillippi Copenhaver was dedicated on Saturday, August 5, 1990. Sponsored by the Copenhaver family of Smyth County this special collection room houses books, periodicals, pamphlets, photographs and other materials documenting the history of southwest Virginia. 


A plaque is in place in the Southwest Virginia Heritage Library in memory of Mildred Manton and Robert Madison Copenhaver, who compiled the Copenhaver Family of Smyth County, published in 1981. 


Collections and materials in the Southwest Virginia Heritage Library will cover the history and culture of Southwest Virginia. Architecture, archaeology, geography, natural history, politics and government, religion, social activities and other aspects of regional history will be collected. Types of material collected include (but are not limited to) books, manuscripts, maps, newspaper clippings, oral histories, pamphlets, periodicals, family histories,  and photographs.  In addition to these sources, there are numerous reels of microfilm and two online databases available on the computer located in the room--Heritage Quest Online and 


The Smyth-Bland Library welcomes gifts, which enhance the value of the collection and meet selection criteria. Unless otherwise noted, gifts are accepted with the understanding that they are outright gifts without limiting conditions. Donors will sign the Deed of Gift form. 


The Southwest Virginia Heritage Library of the Smyth County Public Library is open to all patrons during normal library operating hours. Patrons must sign the Patron Register before using the Southwest Virginia Heritage Library. By signing the Register, patrons agree to abide by library rules regarding use of materials. These rules, listed below, will be displayed in the register. The following information will be required: date of visit, name, current full address, and purpose of visit. **Patrons must place their book bags, totes, purses, etc., in the file cabinet located outside of the Heritage Library and this cabinet will be locked. No bags of any kind are allowed inside the Heritage Library.

Use of Materials

1. Materials on open shelves and file cabinets may be used at patron’s discretion.
2. Patron may use material in locked bookshelves and locked file cabinets after retrieval by staff member. Patrons must notify staff member when finished with material.
3. Only pencils may be used with material in locked bookshelves or file cabinets.
4. Parents must provide adequate supervision for their children.
5. All material in Southwest Virginia Heritage Library is non-circulating and must not be removed from the Smyth-Bland Regional Library.

Copying and Copyright and Publication Rights

1. Patrons must consult staff members before photocopying material kept in locked bookshelves and filing cabinets. Permission to photocopy such material will depend upon physical condition. Some material is too fragile to photocopy.
2. Cameras may be used to copy materials only after permission is received from Library Director, or person in charge and when no restrictions exist on collections.
3. Use of portable copiers, personal computers, and tape recorders will be permitted only after permission is received from Library Director or person in charge and when no restrictions exist on collections.
4. Any audiocassettes or videocassettes in the Southwest Heritage Library may not be duplicated without advance permission from the Library Director. The Library Director will keep a list of release forms/restrictions.
5. Patrons are responsible for obtaining necessary publication rights and/or copyright clearances before any publication.
6. When incorporating in a publication information obtained from materials peculiar to the Southwest Virginia Heritage Library (such as manuscript collections and/or photographs), patrons must seek permission from and acknowledge the Library and owner (in case of permanent or temporary loan).
7. In cases where publication of materials held by the Library is restricted by covenant with the donor and stated in the Deed of Gift, Agreement of Permanent Loan, or Agreement of Temporary Loan, the patron must request permission and acknowledgement from donor. Library staff will contact owner on behalf of patron.