Using Overdrive with your Kindle




1.      Have a valid library card.  If your card is blocked for any reason (overdues, fines, expired, etc.) you will not be able to sign into Overdrive.


2.     Go to and click on Overdrive in the Databases box.  


3.     At the top of the Overdrive page, choose the genre of the eBook you would like to read.


4.     On the left side of the page filer your search by Format.  Choose Kindle Book.


5.     When the list of Kindle books comes up, unless you are looking for a specific title or want to browse all the titles, a nice option is the "Available Now" button the top of the page.   


6.     After you choose the book you want, click on the “Borrow”.


7.     You will need to login.  Select Smyth-Bland Regional Library from the list by clicking on the pull down arrow.  You then enter your library card number, the barcode on the back of your card. If you do not know, or have forgotten your pin number, bring your card into the Library and ask at the Circulation des.  For your security we can not give out PINs over the phone.  Once you log in your title is checked out to you.  You are then on your "Bookshelf" page of your account.


8.     There is now a "Download" button next to your title.


9.     You will now be directed into  At this screen, in the upper right hand, click “Choose Kindle name or register new Kindle under Deliver to).  This is a drop down menu box.  Choose the Kindle you want to use and then click “Get Library Book”.


10.   On the next screen click “Download Now”.  


11.  Turn on your Kindle and connect the USB cable to the Kindle and the computer. Click "Confirm & Download".


12. This takes you to your Amazon account.   You will see the book you have checked out.  At the right side of the screen click on "Get library book".


13.  If you have multiple Kindle accounts, choose the Kindle you want the book delivered to. Then click on Continue.


11.   The next screen will say “You should be prompted to open or save file immediately".   At the bottom of your computer screen you should see the title of your book in the toolbar. This shows it has been downloaded.


12.  On your PC, click on the “Start” button (bottom left corner) and the click “Computer”.


13.  On the left under “Favorites” click on Downloads.  Find your book title and click once to highlight the title.


14.   Again on the left, under Computer you will see Kindle.  Hover over Kindle and you will see a little triangle next to Kindle, click once on the triangle.  This opens the list of files on your Kindle.  


15.  Go back and click and hold the book title you have downloaded and "drag" it over to the Documents file under Kindle.  You can click on Documents to see that your title is now on your Kindle.


16.  That's it! Once items are checked out and downloaded to your Kindle, you may manage them, delete them, or return them early by using "Amanage you Kindle" link at