Family History


Family History

This is a collection of information on local families. Included are family bibles, and family documents. The families have provided the documents in order to share information with those interested in genealogy and historical research.

You can search the whole site, or you can narrow your search by the Communities listed on the site. Communities are then narrowed again by Collections. The Family History site is a good example of the levels used to help narrow your search. The family names are the Communities. Once you choose a family name, you will see the Collections such as Family Photos, and Family Documents. This provides another level to narrow your search.

* Family Bibles

* Calhoun Family (Quincy Calhoun)

* Campbell Family

* Copenhaver Family

* Floyd Family

* Groseclose Family

* Holmes Family

* Hull Family

* McCarty Family (Jackson McCarty, Jr.)

* Neitch Family

* Starritt Family

* Wymer (Weimer) Family

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